Sunday, 29 September 2013

Honeymoon Part II... Paris

Not surprisingly, the highlight of our honeymoon adventure was our 10 day stay in Paris. We had both been before, but never with enough time to explore at our leisure. We spent some days doing the traditional tourist jaunts, but we also had enough time to spend a number of days just wandering aimlessly and discovering our own special treasures. Our favourite days were the ones without any destination... 

The view from our beautiful little apartment in the 2nd arrondissement, which was just perfect for us. 

Our favourite local restaurant. 

The little bakery next door was perfect for grabbing breakfast on the run. 

Galleries Lafayette... ahh I'm home!

I challenge any Chanel fan to visit Paris without dropping by here... 

Mmm my favourite!

Crepes. Nutella. Naturally. 

The husband thought this was very clever... as I'll be his dish of the day forever more. 

Laduree for breakfast... of course. 

Luxembourg Gardens, perfect for a sunny day picnic with a friendly Gendarme.

A chocolate 8 pack... that's all. 


The front door of my dreams. 

A fashion installation at the Sorbonne... 

This Marchesa made me start planning our vow renewal ;) 

No visit to Paris is complete without a visit to this little gem.

The Louvre by night. 

Fromage of the Gods. 

Le Train Bleu. Dinner here was a dream come true for me as I'd fallen in love with this restaurant on my first trip to Paris and dreamt of an evening here one day with the man of my dreams. TICK! 

Palace of Versailles... I'll spare you the millions of photos!

The Hall of People, err I mean Mirrors. 

This crazy little contraption is a helicopter that was designed to imagine what Marie may have commissioned for her air travel. I kid you not, it was called the Lili Copter! Needless to say, the husband thought it was incredibly appropriate for his Lily. 

Naturally, we came to Paris complete with our own engraved padlock to ceremoniously add to the vast array on the "Love Locks Bridge", Pont de l'Archevêché. When we realised that the locks were all recently added and removed regularly, we decided to take some photos, throw a spare key into the river... and then keep our lock for future adventures and photo opportunities around the world. 

Couldn't resist. 

I'm glad I got to see this before it lost it's Yves. 

We could have easily stayed forever in Paris. We had such a wonderful time and I hope we get to revisit this wonderful city sooner rather than later. Next we travel down to Nice and the French Riviera...